What is wrong with these two scenarios (Commercial)

Commercial: 240V 3 phase 200mps
This old (1956) building is now use for 12 small offices. It used to be an industrial facilitiy. We are doing a 4 Point.

Did some one pull power off the bottom for 220?

That is the second panel in the building missing power on the bottom of the fuse. My concern is the double/triple tap on the bottom. Any comments on these two systems.

Are one of those panels considered the “service equipment?”

I see no panel-bond in the first picture. Is there an EGC in that panel?

There are neutrals at each panel that are missing too much insulation.

The “multi-taps” are certainly improper.

The left panel is missing the actuator for the middle knife blade, and the middle blade/fuse clip look like they have overheated. The right panel looks like there are different gauge wires for the rightmost (unused) phase.

Since the OP mentioned that it was 240V 3Ø, 1 leg is 208V line to neutral, & the other 2 are 120V to neutral, they will all read 240V line to line, current codes w/ some exceptions, required the leg w/ the higher voltage to ground be the “B” phase (408.3(E) ) but it was common in older installations to use the “C” phase for the high leg, one reason is that in 7 jaw meter sockets the “C” phase has to be used for metering purposes, so they may have just continued w/ the same phase arrangement, there may have no 3Ø loads fed from the switch, so nothing was connected.