What is wrong with this picture?

New (built in 2007) house. 5,700 SF. 2.9 Mil sell price.

BUT. One, original builder (i.e., money guy who paid for the build), 3 GCs on the project (the first 2 were fired). 4 masonry subs (but that has nothing to do with this issue).

  1. Full, front view of the house.
  2. Close up of the problem area (of which there were two areas, but this is represtative.

What’s the problem. Who ist at fault. $34,000, so far, of repair costs.

Who should pay?




I feel stupid, but I can’t see anything in the brick.


Is the defect clear in these photos? Looking for my glasses…


Some people have too dam much money.

Lack of proper downspouts on the gutters causing fascia board and other water damage?

Wooden frame, with stone veneer (silly, in and of itself :wink: ).

The problem does not have to do with the exterior wall covering.

I am sorry for the small pics, but that is the board limitation.

Just look, at both pictures. Like you were doing a walk around.

Hint: Think about how it would look during a cold, wet winter.
2nd hint: Total of 5 furnaces (all cat 4). Three in the basement and two in the attic.

look and think


Lack of ANY downspouts. in large areas.

Where are the downspots.

But not the full understanding. Look harder and think.

What is the roof SF?

Where does the water go?

What is its flow pattern?

What would this house look like in the winter?

No fascia damage (at least not yet).

3rd hint. What style of counter flashing?

Especially look at the two areas on the sides of the front doors.

D’oh! Too late :slight_smile:

Dang! I was going to say that, but I thought they were behind the corners. Good call Mike.

this was fun. put something else on Will.

No weep holes, trapping moisture?

According to NACHI education one square inch of downspout handles up to 100 sq feet of roof.
How the steep slope factors in is a formula I recall seeing somewhere,but do not have it off hand to post.

How does the number of Furnaces factor in?

The roof surface, at the front, was about 2000 SF. All draining to little gutters at the front.

The turret gutters had no sownspouts, just open ended and draining to the lower roof.

And, notice, from the original picture, that there were small (maybe 6 SF) roofs over the lower windows. No gutters.

The two areas on the sides of the front door, had the grade high. There was water coming over the foundation wall in the unfinished basement area at the front. Sill plate was saturated.

The builder sent a couple of guys. They caulked the stone / foundation wall interface, after pulling out the weep wicks.

BUT, those small windows, on the first floor, had limestone sills. No flashing under those sills.

So, the water was running over the gutters (which were WAY too small for the roof SF) and it was pouring unto the small roof section at the 1st floor, then running, directly, onto the limestone sills. There, it penetrated and went down, between the stone veneer and the Tyvek over the wooden sheathing, and then into the basement (Bad flashing at the base, confirmed by drilling a hole in the sheathing, just above the sill, and putting a Rigid See-Snake in).

So, some bad workmanship (the base flashing AND the bad repair attempt), but also an Architect defect (for too small gutters draining sich a large area.

I would advise that more HIs ge some training in building science. Then you can do consultations for owners and builders and subs.

More business, and revenue, but with less work and hassle.

Work smart, get paid more, do less work.

That is how to survive these tight times.

Hope this helps;

I would like to have so much money … why always the others !?

If that is what you want to work for, have at it. :smiley: Just remember sufficient gutters and downspouts.

And you expected us to surmise all of that from those two little photos? Hey, we’re good but even that’s stretching it. :stuck_out_tongue:

are decks required to be bolted to house if they were biult in2004?

It really doesn’t matter to me what year they were built. If the deck is attached to the house, they should be bolted to it.

I agree 1,000% :smiley:

Hey, given those pictures, and an understanding of our local weather conditions, that is all you need.

I was using the Socratic method, asking questions to educate.

Sorry you didn’t want to contibute.

At least you could have asked questions, based upon what you would have done, given the two original pictures.

Hope this helps;

Yes, and the bolted ledger board, flashed.