What is wrong with this picture?

This is about professional home inspection, not class envy.

Sorry, but thank you for playing.

Jeez Will, lighten up…remember, I’m the one that suggested downspouts. I thought I did contribute.

The new owner. If they can afford $2.9m, then they can afford any needed repairs. It’s part of being a homeowner.


Point taken. Sorry.

As to who shold pay. It would be a real good thing to look out for things like this, during an inspection, because of future conditions.

This guy didn’t have an inspection (Hey, its new. What could be wrong?) but if he did, he would, at least, be very angry at the inspector, wouldn’t he?

All I am saying is that it would be good to play a little “what if” when you are looking at houses.

Was there any attic or rafter bay ventilation?

Large attic with roof decking insulated (poorly, batt with plastic). Soffit vents, but blocked. Ridge vent, but nailed down too tight. 2 cat 4 furnaces in the attic and furnace roof framed, but not insulated or drywalled.