What is your faith based on??

I’ve been wondering this for awhile. What causes ANYONE to have any faith in either political party? They have both caused much trouble over the last 20 or so years. Both parties are filled with liars and moral degenerates. My question is for those who still believe in either party…WHY??? What is your faith based on? Myself…I lost faith in either a long time ago.

I lost faith in the Republican party when they voted to bail out bankrupt companies with money they took by force from others. Remember, the government has no money and never did. It only takes money from some and gives it to others.

My faith will be renewed when Sarah Palin runs for President. She is a true “outsider” I don’t care how smart she is, brains are a commodity, you can rent them. I do. I want someone who tries to do the right thing. She’s it.

I would remind Nick that the only real opposition to the bailouts was from the Republican side of the aisle.

Sad but true.

Sarah Palin and Ron Paul, 2012.

Nick, I am with you on everything except Ron Paul. I just cant get behind him. Politically speaking, I think he is a ticket killer.

My first choice would be Mitt Romney. I am not sure if he is the perfect choice, but he would be my choice. Don’t worry Sara is a lot smarter than the left would give her credit for.

Sarah Palin and Rick Perry (Gov of Texas) in 2012… yes!

Texas has created more jobs than the rest of the country
combined and has 9 billion dollars in the piggy bank at this
time. Not bad IMHO.

I agree…

John, do you think that Texas would write Michigan a check? That would cover our deficit nicely, for a few years anyway, until unchanged policies do the same thing here all over again. If you were Governor of Tx, would you do it?

I hate to tell you but- If the Democrats can get elected someone with the name “Barrack Husein Obama” during a Iraq war they can do anything.

Sarah Palin and Ron Paul just anit it my friend.:margarit:

My faith will be renewed when Sarah Palin runs for President. She is a true “outsider” I don’t care how smart she is, brains are a commodity, you can rent them. I do. I want someone who tries to do the right thing. She’s it.

I agree Nick Vote for change the right change.

Christ. :smiley:

People keep bi*ching about the two party system, but that is the basis for American democracy. The most that any third party has ever recieved is 21%.

If a politcal candidate cannot get enough support, based upon his record, his platform, his ideas and his message, to make it in one of the two major parties, how can he ever expect to get enough votes to win.

That is the problem with all these fringe candidates and thrid partys like the Loosertarians, the Constipation party and the “greens”.

If Palin can get enough support, within the Republicans, then she could be a contender. If not, than not.

I just hope that they do not start the Tea Party and drain away all the conservatives.

Just my opinion.

Courtesy of Uncle Sam?
Stimulus Package

  • In Texas, an estimated $18 billion in federal stimulus money is flowing to state and local governments. The Comptroller’s office is tracking the $14.3 billion that comes through the state Treasury. The Comptroller’s analysis is ongoing. For the latest information, visit our ARRA Web site, A Texas Eye on the Dollars.](http://www.window.state.tx.us/recovery/)


I have to admit I’m kind of disappointed with the response. A lot of you folks are always bashing each others party talking about how one party is better than the other. All I ask is tell me why you still have any faith in your party. Hell you might educate me and others. Let’s keep it within a 20 year period…what has your party done to help the country?? I agree with a post in another thread…it seems like the party NOT in power does everything in it’s power to harm our country and blame the other side.
I’m for starting any parties that will do away with the two we have. Even George Washington said the two party system is doomed to failure. I don’t buy the theory that a third party vote is a wasted vote. If we, just once, all voted third party then and only then would the Reps and Dems listen. They have no fear because we usually only have the two choices.

You may notice that the great liar Rick Perry claimed that Texas would NOT take any stimulus money?? I guess the Mayors of Texas Cities got together and changed his mind huh?

I lost faith in the republican party once Bush 1 started talking about a new world order and he showed his true of being a moderate…ever since then the party has been infiltrated by moderates which have all but destroyed it.

Do I expect any changes… not really… I do expect the dems to lose control of congress and Obama like his mentor, Jimmy Carter, will be a 1 term president…unless the republicans throw up another liberal or moderate like McCain.

It is evident that much of the country has fallen for the trappings of socialism and it is very unlikely they we will ever free ourselves from such lies…at least as along as many of our fellow citizens buy into liberals ideology of entitlements.

In the big picture though… God sets up kings and He puts them down… all for His divine purpose of which none of us truly know… yet we are still called to vote for those whose lives exhibit His righteous precepts… not our own selfish greed.

The next election I personally will change my status to being an independent.

That was my write in vote for the last election. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Anyone with half a brain knows that both the R & D politicians are in bed with each other… that is exactly what happens behind close doors… openly they fight… yet secretly they have their fine champagne, expensive dinners, and laugh at the suckers that keep re-electing them. It’s by no coincidence that every political plan is often a 6 - 8 year plan in order for them to get re-elected.

If Obama wanted to close Gitmo down or bring the troops home he could have it accomplished in less than a 72 hours… but like all lying politicians, he does just enough to keep his constituents on the fishing line… and they keep nibbling and more often then not jumping on the hook… they are all the same.

Doing away with the two party system, implementing term limits (4 years) with no retirement, and adjusting their pay scale to that of the average American, is the only way democracy will ever work.

He may have wanted to but there was just no way in hell he could have.

Troops will not be coming home any time soon. In fact more will be going out as needed.

No point in stopping now, we have way to much good to do first.

What is this good you speak of?