What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Not to sing so loud in the shower (wife request)

To have a few more happy years with my great wife Char ,
Hope all others are happy too.

I’m giving up pizza, pretzels and bread. I’m already close to breaking.

I generally don’t make resolutions but I would say to take some more time off this year is mine.

To earn more money than I spend.

I don’t believe in making them. I was given the gift of life. I just try and make the most out of my time and take nothing for granted. I could always do more or better and I work at it. But I truly enjoy the moment and the journey.

Think outside the box.

Maybe one needs to get out of the Box and look in for a better perspective view of thinking. :mrgreen::wink:

Well i am making a box to think out of it lol