what kind of camera

Ok I know I can get the Flir B-cam for $3,105 and from what I can tell that’s the entry level camera. So here is my question what is the next step-up for cameras Price wiz and better features.

FLIR B40, B50, B60 are the next step up in the FLIR models.




Thanks john

Fluke TiR1

I find the Fluke TiR1 excellent. One hand operation is excellent. With the recording feature I can make a note up to 60 seconds on any shot. Excellent resolution for most practical purposes so far. I’m doing marine, equine, energy, leak, moisture and or course home the inspections.


I recently purchased the FLIR b60 as my first imager. Nice results so far, I did debate between the Fluke TIr1 and FLIR for a long time. Some differences like the inter -changeable battery and direct jpeg images were a factor in my decision, in addition to the higher resolution. Slightly higher price, shop around, do not pay full price.


Thanks guys for all the info I don’t want to spend out a lot of money on the b-cam. Then fined out I need to upgrade in a year when I could of just spent a little more the first go-around. So thats why I wanted some input from you guys in the field.:slight_smile:

You need to decide what you will be doing “next year”.

Once you see what this stuff “is”, you’ll be shopping again.
Then you will be sitting there scratching your head wondering why you “settled” for cheap.

You can step up to a better camera without joining the “bleeding edge” of “new release” cams.

From what I’ve read the B-40 is less of a camera than the B-cam SD

Im looking at the New FLIR T-360 Any one have any hands on time with these cameras ?

**This is the last year you can buy something and have **
a %100 deduction.