What kind of critter is this?

I never have seen one of thse things. Has a black reset button on it. In an older home that has recently been at least partly rewired. Can anyone help?

POM0701005 036.JPE.jpg

It is the (enclosure, at least) to a motor starter or contactor. Is there a heavy motor someplace? Well pump? Fire pump? A heavy switched load, such as a lot of exterior lighting? There’s a lot of conductors entering the enclosure, which makes me think it might just be empty of the starter or contactor, and it might just be used as a big junction box.

None of the above mentioned were present. There were indications that someone might have had a auto repair business in the detached garage at one time.

Naturally, somebody would have to check to be sure, but I think from the number of cables entering that enclosure, a pretty safe bet would be that it’s just being used as a junction box right now. Normally, such an enclosure contains a motor starter or a contactor. Motor starters are used on large motors, and contactors are used to switch heavy or multiple loads of any sort.

Probably in the RECENT remodel the box looked like a nice location for junctions to be made and chances are he/she used it. Chances are it was for the motor of a car lift…quite possibly in a different life.