What kind of outlet is this?

I found this on the floor of the kitchen. Is this a gas outlet or a water outlet? There is an electric range in room and a fridge on other wall of kitchen.


It should be a water outlet, but that doesn’t mean it is.

Yeah, it looks like a homeowner-installed gas range connection.

That’s what I was thinking.

Wasn’t it traceable from below Leon?

When there, I assumed it was water. Later, I wasn’t so sure, since there is an electric range installed in remodeled kitchen, I began to wonder if it was a previous gas valve for a former gas stove. I should have traced it. Kind of new, my mistake. Thanks. I guess I should just report it as either gas or water in my report. Any other suggestions.


That white thread tape says “gas” to me.

Don’t operate it. State in the report that you don’t know what it is, that operating suspicious valves lies beyond the scope of your inspection, and recommend identification by a qualified plumbing contractor.
Those homeowner installed things, there’s always the chance that when you touch it, it’ll blow off the valve and start spewing gas all over the kitchen.

Really? It says water to me. I’ve never seen white thread tape on a gas line. The type of valve handle and what looks like a copper pipe coming out of the floor also say water to me. The valve handle is the type that is standard on toilets around here.

That is true Russel but you don’t know who did the work. You cannot second guess this one. I would go on the safe side and get it checked by GAS authority since gas has been supplied by copper lines with no more than yellow tape wrapped around every 4 feet.

Says water to me, potentially for the refer/icemaker.


And btw… never assume** what is**, always **was. **I bet that refer was originally infront or to the side of that valve.

Calling the gas co. to investigate that will cause a whole lot of embarrassmant to you and your company. I wouldn’t do it without some very extensive searching on my own first.

Just sayin’.

I would crack the valve and see what comes out. :wink:

The only reason I didn’t mention that, is those valves are crap as far as I’m concerned, and didn’t want him to risk it breaking in the open position. Safety first! :wink:

I know. I should have said assuming it moves easily.

They break far to easily and some have plastic valve stems.

Which is another reason why there is no way this was a NG supply. You would have smelled it long before you saw the valve.

Since you’re in Canada, I’m presuming that you have copper gas pipes wrapped by yellow tape. We don’t down here.
Of course, since there’s nothing connected to the line, a simple turn of the valve would easily tell me whether it was gas or water.
Since it’s not leaking, a plumber would be the one to call down here because they are in charge of installing/maintaining both water and gas lines. If it was leaking, and depending on what it was leaking, either the gas company or a plumber would need to be called.

Everything about that valve says it’s for water. If it’s for gas, it’s wrong.

We have allot of issues with gas lines being installed by plumbers once the gas company has run the Meter and main. If there is no gas tag I call it out right away if it does not look like it has been installed by a certified gasfitter.