What kind of pump is this?

This pump runs smoothly, seems to have a pressure switch, and you can hear water moving when it runs. However there is no visible exit pipe. It seems to just circulate water in a very small loop. It is attached to a clean out and there is no evidence that it is a grinder of any sort. The data tags simply give motor electrical specs. I’ve been through about 1500 homes in the Detroit area and the only similar items I’ve seen are a couple of sump type pumps that attached to the floor drain system. Anybody seen this and can identify it?







The pump from what I can barely see us taking a suction from and discharging back into the same copper line which would make it a booster of some nature. What is the copper line where does it come from and where does it go

Why is there an automotive radiator hose on that thing?

Because after a 12 pack on a Saturday afternoon that is all that could be found in the back of the garage

Sorry for how close the pictures are, the pump was located inside a cabinet in the finished basement.

The copper pipe is connected to a fitting which approximates a brass clean out plug except this pipe attaches to it. There is a small opening in the pipe above the pump that seems to show an inner sleeve to the pipe. The logical problem with the pressure boost is that it would simply push out drains like the floor or the wash sink. Anyway, I’m beginning to think the 12 pack is a reasonable answer, this house had a number of other anomalies.

Sorry I could not help I would need to see the big pic and trace out some lines cannot say I have ever seen that kind of a set up

Sorry, wasn’t able to take a picture further back because of the cabinets. The pipe is literally only about 28 inches long and is only attached to the clean out cap, nothing else. Thanks for trying to help guys.

I would have to trace out the lines to know for sure, but, this looks like a blow out pump, it is used to keep lines cleaned out, look for past problems in this area.

Just a guess - pneumatic ejector pump? Could that be a tank under there?