What kind of vehicle do I want?

I saw an HI driving a Honda FIT the other day. It was as big as a shoe box. I am still in the conception phase of starting my business so I am not sure what kind of vehicle is appropriate for my business. If this gut has a small car, where does he put his ladder? Maybe he doesn’t use one. Let me know what you guys think is a good HI vehicle. Thanks

don’t know about the vehicle but as far as ladders go i have the heavy duty 15.5’fit in wife’s accord and mustang back seat or trunk…may fit in the shoe box :wink:

Some ladders will fit on a motorcycle. Go with something good on gas, yet can be a mobile office when needed. Alot of guys like smaller vans, SUV’s.

I use an ugly little Scion XB Box. My ladder is telescopic and fits in nicely. I get 38 mpg and it’s such and ugly car that people remember it. I am however looking for someone that can “wrap” it or paint it with my company name and logo.

Like the others have said go with something easy on the gas. It will of course depend on your tools but for the most part you can get away with something smaller.

I’d like to have one of these with a nice wrap.

See, Charles knows what’s up.


Ladder fits in just fine…

Are the ladders you guys talking about big enough to get on a roof?

Depends on the building.

I usually pole vault myself onto the building, then slide down after I am done. I use a telescoping paint roller handle so it fits nicely into the VW bug. When that doesn’t work, I will climb onto the fence next the to house, then pull myself up onto the roof.

I met the InterNACHI member in Florida who bought this: http://www.nachi.tv/episode4

Depends on the roof. Most telescopic ladders won’t even come close to hitting a 2 story roof here in Philly. Suburbs maybe, but definitely not the city!

I have a Dodge Grand Caravan and love it! Plenty of room inside for all my crap and I can use it for road trips. Whatever fits your lifestyle is what is going to work best for you.

I am the guy Nick is referring to. I bought the vehicle from NACHI TV episode 4. First you have to know me as a person and as a business man. I truely believe perception is reality for people. From short hair, clean uniforms, keeping myself somewhat fit, and hiring only the top people are important to me as a BUSINESS man. If you don’t believe me…look at 99% of major CEO’s in todays business. They all look alike!

Not only do I try to do EVERYTHING first in my area…we are the first home inspection company in SW FLorida, first to use photos in our area, first to deliever them onsite, first to have a thermal infrared camera…it goes on and on. Want to know why?

IF you are not moving forward - Your competition will! THINK outside the box from start to finish. Look, be, and act professional. I believe in going the top of the line in everything I do. Does it cost money? YEP, but the incoming monies far outway the expenses.

Chev HHR

Check my post in the Canadian Members Only section.

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Absolutely true.

Except, maybe, the part about short hair–I’m bald, y’know…

Jae, he’s referring to your short hairs, don’t tell us they’re gone too !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Toyota Tacoma p/u with the four-banger motor. I pack plenty of ladders + roof rack for the extension ladder I never use. HHR maybe next year.

John Kogel

Jae, That’s about as short as you can get.
It all depends on clientel. I find it difficult to wear a suit in a crawl or attic for that matter. My pickup truck is not real impressive (2000 dodge) my attitude is serious and professional, but not intimidating. I start out neat and clean in the morning, but after the first 80 - 100 year old house with a dirt floor cellar I could use a brush and press (pretty much all over).


Thanks for doing that