What makes a home inspector smile

Today’s inspection made me smile when I opened the electrical panel.


There is a company in my area whose panels look like. They always put a company sticker on the dead front panel. Whenever I see that decal I think, I really don’t need to open this one.


Is that wood shavings on the bottom of the panel?


And that’s exactly the way the AHJ operates. He knows which contractors do good work and which need to be scrutinized.


wow nice!..

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I seem to get a lot of good ones. I guess it comes from Inspecting the friendliest home town ;). After 80,000 homes they get more right than wrong.

Some of the dumps you guys get would make me question my sanity

I always giggle a little at the zip tie on the grounds. I dunno why, I guess it’s like watching a master painter at work and there are little flairs that make it interesting.

The last one I saw that looked like that one had sheet metal screws holding the cover…

Now if they would have just mounted it proud of the studs in case the wall gets rocked in the future.

Every now & then I’ll find one that looks like a circuit board.

Some people really take pride in their work, even if it’s not always visible.

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That and put the little cut sheathing bits on as labels.

Like this…


I was about to post the same thing Mark. :+1:


That’s when the EC finishes the wiring and tells the apprentice to do the punch outs and “button it up”… :stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect this is for the technician who comes behind the rough-in and installs the CBs


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Clean and pretty yes, but are there no concerns with all the branch circuits running through the main switch compartment?

What’s a main switch compartment? Do you mean where the service disconnect is? No issue with that.

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Interesting… That was not allowed up here (Canada). Not that anyone would do anything about circuits added at a later date. The panel covers up here have a metal divider plate between the two sections, which can rub in and damage wire insulation of branch circuits passing through. Many people would just bend the metal divider to allow room.

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I thought that this might be a Canada question. Yes here in the States it’s permitted.

There’s a company like that here in Ottawa, it’s like art.

That looks pretty good and I can see why an HI might smile. From the photo’s of panels I’ve seen posted here on this forum that neatness is about 1 in 1000. That should be the minimum standard for shaping in the conductors in a panel.


enjoy this electrical panel