What material flashing is this

I am very bad at flashing material.

And in an attempt to know more, can someone tell me what type of flashing is here in this pic.

and plz try to reduce the humiliation.

thanks a bunch.

Looks like aluminum to me

Under the window looks like a piece of vinyl cove baseboard.


Possibly lead?

When you felt it, did it feel like metal or rubber?
It could be many things…

Looks like roofing felt to me. I would also mention the failing window caulking and the lifting shingle…

Angle flashing that was added with the new roof. Material could be aluminum or lead, does not look like steel unless painted.

The bends look real smooth for metal, it looks like rubber. Rubber “flashing tape” can be purchased at home improvement stores.

Did you reach out the window and touch it? Its tough to tell from the pic, but its thin for lead, i suppose it could be painted aluminum, as it isn’t laid completely flat on the roofing shingles, which is maybe an indicator that it may be a firm material vs a rubber, like metal.

edit: got to use all your senses. Well except taste, i guess, do not lick it.

It’s not lead
It’s not flashing tape
It’s not vinyl
It’s not roofing felt.

It’s aluminum

In any case, it should have been run longer horizontally to carry under the first piece of step flashing-and it does look a lot like cove base, the way it folds over the laminated shingle

I tend to agree with Cam. Most likely Aluminum. I always carry one of these in my pocket. Comes in handy at almost every inspection. $5-$10.