What might cause this to happen?

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I have a question for all you Sparkies out there–

My entire stereo system (TV, CD, DVD, Receiver, and Tape Deck) has been routed through a circuit breaker protected outlet strip for the past many years, with no problems.

Last week, the TV and Receiver turn up dead - totally inoperable, yet all other stereo equipment is fine. The outlet strip is still functioning, and did not trip the internal breaker. I re-routed the TV and Receiver to other receptacles, but to no avail.

As a side note, I have had an Electrician in the house during this time to get my old two wire branch service replaced. He couldn't figure out why it happened.

Any thoughts out there?

I appreciate all thoughts.


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As I said over on Joe’s board, this is the classic ground shift problem. You need a point of use protector that clamps all the inputs together and point of entry protection where the services come in, all tied to the service grounding electrode.