What NACHI benefits are most important to you?

Hey guys,

I’m working on a redesigned “membership benefits” page and I’d like to know what benefits y’all feel are most important. If you’re a member: Which ones caught your attention when you joined? And which ones do you find you use the most now that you are a member? If you’re not a member: Which ones made you interested in NACHI?

Please do not turn this thread into a feature request/change list. Let’s try to keep on topic.


This BB .
Roy Cooke

This message board and Education

When you say education, do you mean the online courses? Or chapter events? Of one of the many other education-oriented benefits of NACHI?

chapter events

1- NACHI inspector finder service has sent clients my way.
(This pays for itself)
2- Message board is a nice place to talk with fellow inspectors.
3- Education
4- Nicks happy face and humor :roll: :mrgreen:

  1. Teamwork & camaradarie (e.g. this BB)
  2. Continuing education opportunities
  3. Useful industry news & updates
  4. Marketing hints & tips
  5. Vendor offers & discounts

I can’t find them because this 210,000+page website has member benefits buried all over the place.

Agree with Nick, but online education and this BB.

Vast amount educational material and the focus on improving the industry (unlike ASHI and NAHI who posture for politics).

BB and Chapter events

Educational material and FINDANINSPECTOR.US.

All the above, plus the discount on E&O.
Having NACHI’s ADRS system as a front-door to my E&O, which allows me to comfortably raise my deductible, thus lowering my payment even more!

Honestly, the internet presence (sheer volume of sites) and ease of start up in PA was what initially led me to join NACHI.

I have not had as much success as some seem to through findaninspector (2 calls in over 2 years) so the internet presence panned out to be much less than I had hoped (not criticsm, just honest feedback since it sounds like you are looking to learn what to advertise to whom).

In my first year, the inspection illustrations (I think they were the CArson Dunlop ones) were a huge help as a reference and for report writing. They have since gone away, and the newer version is not indexed so as to be useful (again, not a criticsm, just feedback on what I used as a newbie).

Through the BB (most notably Russel Ray) I got a lot of information on marketing that has been the single best thing I have done for my business. If RR writes a book - I’m buying. If he recommends a tactic - I’m trying it. And if he starts his own association - I’m joining.

The marketing section of the BB is what I use most frequently now, and the tech threads are great for fast nuggets of info.

I would have to say that the On-Line education (although its HARD to find some of them) is the thing that I would say is the best. I especially benefited from the new *electrical course, *and am looking forward to the new *plumbing course *which I hear is coming soon :mrgreen: . Also, I have benefited greatly from this message board.

Ease of start up in PA is a huge benefit combined with the online education and the HI’s on this BB (their willingness to help “newbies” like myself) this alone puts NACHI 2 steps ahead of the rest. IMHO

Information dissemination via this excellent board!
Regional Meeting Groups/Education
Industry Voice/Lobbying Efforts
Exchange and flow of information and experience sharing
An alternative to other associations

Mesage Board, esp. RR and others. Online education. Never received anything from the various find an inspector sites.

Ditto. The educational material is difficult in some areas to navagate. I’d like to see some kind of a hierarchy menu (Major Systems> Subsystems> Components) to reduce the amount of search time.

I benefited greatly from the electrical course. Put alot of gray area I had into prospective.

Hi. Chris;

When I joined in 2004, I was not sure what I was looking for.
Being in Construction all my Life, I thought I would persue something that would keep me busy of the retirement years when I decide to let go.
The shopping around for a Home Inspection title and who directed me to NACHI was what was to offer at the time. No one else was equivalent in my book at the time. And this includes ASHI. Looked into that one also.
They were more interested in getting a paycheck, than anything else.

NACHI provided the recourse to further the education, provide a on-line test to show you where you stand, and provide benefits like no other that I could find.

Best of all, after joining, I got to appreciate all the benefits that the Bulletin Board can provide when used as was designed. It provides the inability for one to mingle amongst thousand of other individuals and provides views that one may not otherwise obtain.
There is more than one way to skin a cat, and the BB sure helps open your eyes to that scenario.

Keep up the good work Chris.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: