what negative members acomplish.

I have received 300 plus religious email subscriptions to one of my business email addresses.
60 plus and more a day.

I know when they started as does the perpetrator.
One member in particular wants you to think I am paranoid.

I know my short comings.
I apologies and move on.

I do not hide though.
I have others able to tract this down.
I will turn the other cheek if it stops.

You have been forewarned.***

Like to have your business being hijacked?

Thanks for posting this Robert ,
This has happened to me a couple of times and a few members in Particular seem to love to follow and ridicule those homies they disagree with .
I think this is harassment and a very silly thing to do .
Most on this forum know who these silly people are and how wrong their posts are .
We have unfortunately lost some great intelligent Home Inspectors who have given up helping others .
Nothing is accomplished with their ridiculing and attacking constantly .
Constructive Criticism is good but destructive attacks does nothing to improve what we have . All the best … Roy

Lots of sick people out there Robert.

The lord works in mysterious ways Robert!:stuck_out_tongue:
It is a shame that some have nothing to else to do with their little lives than cause problems for others.
Perhaps if they were out inspecting, they wouldn’t feel the need to attack others.

I like your logo Eric.
Staying away from a common rectangle gives it depth.

Some of those are downright insulting too…

Daily Living for Seniors
** Girlfriends** in God
Devotions for Dieters

All that passive aggressive love at least narrows it down to a good ol’ Southern Baptist boy. :wink: Just call his mama, she’ll take care of it.

I love Baptist’s, all the investors of truth.
The ones that are blind are the worry-full souls.
As Beelzebub continues to confuse. Toooo Badddddd.

I average 40-50 spam e-mails per day, but almost none are religious. GMail does an excellent job of sending most spam to the Spam folder.

Thank you Linas.

Omg (no pun intended) thats really wrong to do. You dont mess with a guys business account, thats really,really low. Its like scratching a mans car, you just dont do it. Sorry that this happened to you. Who did you piss off to make them be so stupid?

They were already stupid.