What neutral?

Should there not be an insulated neutral conductor instead on the bare copper? The original 1966 inspection sticker was still in the box, but it has obviously had some work done on it since then.

Where is also the main breaker? More than the 6 throw rule. The cooper is for you ground. Is this a sub panel?

split bus main, and it does meet 6 throw.

a closer look shows that the 5 top breakers plus the last top breaker, which kills the bottom bus, will be 6 throws. it’s tough to see in the small pic, but burnt my retinas out to find it AFTER he said that. and i now see it.but I also see a white insulated neutral coming in at the top right and goes to the neutral bus bar. am i missing something??

Seems to be a trend lately. . .

Jay that is the neutral for the dryer

Bruce, that is the service panel, is it not? That would be why there is no neutral.

If by service panel you mean the main panel(tomato tomoto) yes, and as such should it not have 2 hots and a neutral. And if they are using the bare wire as ground/neutral would it not be undersized for such.

Service has meaning. Main means little or nothing to me.

The neutral and ground are one and the same when coming from the service drop, service lateral and/or service entrance conductors.

The neutral is not required to be the same size as the ungrounded (hot) conductors but cannot be smaller than the required size of the GEC.