What Obama needs to learn...

The Iraq/Afgan wars, like 'em or not, only cost 10 billion a month. There are 1,000 billions in a trillion.

I reviewed this thread Robert,

I don’t see who is complaining that you are referring to.

I merely asked some questions. Wayne understood that.

Do you think anyone in DC has your interests in mind? I certainly don’t.

The points Nick mentioned are fiscally sound. What is wrong with what he illustrated? And why does that have to in the members only section? (I know you did not suggest that but your posts are the only ones with words that have expletives altered.)

JFK lowered taxes and believed in a strong military. He was the last democrat leader I can think of to do so. Are you suggesting that he was wrong?

I would like to ask you a few questions Robert. What is BHO going to do for us to encourage business growth? The left ran on a platform of higher taxation and more spending.

Do you like working for half of the year just to pay taxes? I don’t. Is that what you mean about complaining?

All you’ve done in this thread is call the right some names and say they should shut up. Did the left shut up when they were out of power? Were their voices also complaints?

I don’t understand your line of argument here sir. I don’t see where you made your point with any factual data, only raw emotion.

Have a good one Bob.


Perhaps you should have watched his speech last night .
If you did and still 'just do not get it"
Than you will not get it here either and your approval is not needed.

Republicans will never be happy with any bill that is not reminiscent of the good old days under Bush.

Excuse me while I go stick my head in the toilet.

Flush twice…once for the bulk and again for the remainder.:twisted::mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

You’re cracking me up Bob.

Take care,


Not just Republicans–Democrats have had their share of blame–and it won’t get any better so long as “the government knows what’s best for us”.

Change you can believe IN to the tune of 3-Trillion Dollars …
I think I’ll go have A PORK sandwich…


THnks RM

How many “oinkers” can one buy with $3,000,000,000,000?

Damn…I just about ran out of "0"s

With this new stimulus plan LOTS OF PORK

YUM YUM , I LOVE MY PORK SANDWICHS…I can go eat it at my 3- billion Frizbee park…Let s GO


Holy Cow. One lousy trillion dollars… hard to understand a trillion… I started hashing that around to try to make it mean something… hope my math is correct:

WHAT IF… the trillion went to a truly worthy cause like say having INACHI inspect every residence in the USA? Maybe 120,000,000 residences, including apartments and all? Say, we upped our rates to $1000 each just for grins. Say we found an average $6000 in each residence in needed upgrades, weatherizing, repairs, etc? That would mean about $25 million for every iNachi inspector (have to go on a hiring binge); 5,000,000 contractors full time on the work, and about $5,000,000,000 (billion) materials purchaces, PLUS Obama would still have at least $143 Billion left over to go out and hire 1,000,000 other construction people for a while, letting him exceed his boggie of 4 million jobs by 50% !!!

When do we start?

Why not just give every citizen 1 Million bucks apiece! It would be instant recovery and a heck of a lot cheaper.

Everybody could buy a new house, car, clothes, take a vacation and have a savings account.

Remember this is only the second half of the money.
I heard no oinks when Bush just gave it away.
At least Obama is transparent.

Such short memories .

You just weren’t listening…I “oinked” then, too. And a couple of times during the Clinton years–and Reagan’s. Mostly, though, during the day of…

“Hi, Ah’m Jimmi Cahtah, and Ahm runnin’ f’r president”…

People come down on JC more than he deserves.
Remember Whip Inflation** N**ow buttons.(Ford)
Nixon triggered the Inflation of the era.

Carter got a bad rap because Regan made a secret deal with the Iranians to have the hostages released after he took office.

You know, BHO should have been a gymnast. I does more flip flopping then what happens here on this board. Check it out.


No oil for you!!

Prove it Bobby!

Regan? i thought the canuks got them out of there

you must be young,if you do not remember events.
Nothing to prove as it is all in the books.

Guess you would blame Carter for the rigged Helicopters.

I am old enough Bobby, I am am old enough to know not to assume anything either. You got proof of your statements other then the conspiracy hacks?

You want proof of Watergate? (talk about killing USA pride)
You want me to waste time looking for Ford wearing his goofy WIP button?
You want proof that the hostages were released the minute Regan took office?
You want proof Bush was in charge of the CIA?