What % of your inspections are.......

prelisting inspections?

Less than 1% this year, compared to about 3 or 4% in previous years. . .

2.6 %

Similar in previous years.

Just had one last week on a whoping 7200 sq ft home, but that was my first one of the year. Usually less than 1% a year.


I think I did one in ten years… but I believe I see a trend starting.

About the same for me as well, not a large portion of my business.

Although, since about 2004 there certainly seems to be more interest.

Trend? I hope.


2-3% but only 46% of my inspections are home inspections.

I do very few and next to none but am just starting a new program I am giving prelisting inspections away for FREE??? will post how it goes. One has to plant seeds before one can harvest.

Just booked my 2nd for the year yesterday.

I did a pre-closing walk inspection on a $690,000 condo in Chicago today. The buyer had signed on another condo and had her inspection only to find major issues and backed out. She had me do a walk and talk to avoid her previous situation. :wink:

8% and growing

I’ve had 2 this year. So not enough to even attach percent to.

projected this year < 2%

Less than 1%