What percentage of your inspections pay for themselves in what you find?

Robt -

To clarify. NOTHING we do is a MUST repair. Thats not your call or mine. I tell a customer what I THINK is significant or not and after that its their call to negotiate or walk.

Thats always up to our customer to decide whats a Hill to DIE On, and whats not. I often have used house commissioned real estate sales people try to get me to tell a buyer what HAS to be repaired and what DOES NOT have to be repaired. They make these whishy little comments like;

“Mr Inspector, thats not a really BIG deal is it”? OR “Mr Inspector, isn’t that something the average buyer could fix themselves”? OR “Mr Inspector, would’t you say lots of houses in this age bracket have this wrong and its never killed anybody”?

My standard comment is along the lines of: “Bambi, I’m not the buyer, you & I are not gonna live here - they are, and its the buyers money buying the home, … So why don’t we ask them”?

Whenever you hear a real estate agent talk like that I usually assume they’ve been working with a realtor friendly home inspector that trys to help them sell the house RATHER than letting the buyers decide whats / what

I think 100% for the following reasons, If I find nothing, which is never the case, that is priceless peace of mind. If I find a potentially dangerous electrical problem that could destroy the home and those within it, that is priceless. How do you really justify the worth of a home inspection, I guess it depends on your point of view and what value you place on your family.

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