What? REALTORs now get a "Masters" degree online with only 5-6 hrs/week in 8 weeks.


Why not just sell “Master” designations at Starbucks? :frowning:

And to think, back in the day, we had inspectors complaining that 1,000 hours was too few for Certified Master Inspector.

Week one: Deciding what to write on your sign.
Week two: Where to place the sign in the yard.
Week three: Which end of the sign goes into the dirt.
Week four: Deciding what direction the sign should face.
Week five: What to do if the sign falls over.
Week six: What to do when the sign yellows, cracks and fades from age.
Week seven: How to safely remove the aging sign from your rectum after your contract expires and you attempt to renew it.
Week eight: How to store your sign until you find a new yard to put it in.

Thanks James for the chuckle you made my Day

Gee is that all? What a bargain!

"And as a member of the National Association of REALTORS® you can save even more. REALTORS® will save an additional $10,000 on their degree!
Full program cost:
Full program cost for REALTORS®:

James writes:


Believe it or not … “Week three” is where most of the students wash out.:smiley: