What’s going on with Weebly?

What’s going on with Weebly? I’ve had an account for eight years, managing two separate business websites with little to no issues. Until last Thursday (12.2.21), when Weebly abruptly deactivated my account. I called Weebly and followed all of the robotic suggested corrective actions to no avail. I’ve tried several more times to get support and help, but nothing worked. Finally, I get an email to contact a 3rd party chat line, submit my credit card number, pay a dollar and someone will help me. BULL @#$%! Is anyone else having similar issues with Weebly?

Maybe you need to talk to Wooble. :rofl: :laughing:

I could not resist. Sorry you have problems and hope someon can help you.

Welcome back to our forum, John!..Enjoy!

Sorry, I have no experience with Weebly.

But someone will be along to help you soon…hopefully.

Weebly and square are now one. Did you have a Square account?

Damn you beat me to it! But Weebly Wobbled and it didn’t fall down! :rofl: :rofl: