What screen resolution do most of you use ??

hi guys,
i was just curious.
when using your home inspection software, what screen resolution do most of you have your systems set to ?
I am guessing it is probably 1024x768 ??
I myself use a large 21" screen set to 1600x1200 resolution.



:mrgreen: and still suffering from eye strain :mrgreen:

15" laptop 1280x800

1024x768 is the most common.

19 Inch LCD

1280 x 1084

Laptop with 15.1 inch screen. 1024 x 768. If your eyes get tired or you just want some bigger print for a while, just hold down your CTRL key and use your mouse scroll or laptop keypad to make it bigger or smaller. This does not change your permanent settings.

I wish I would have known that a week or two ago.:wink:

Of course I run my software primarily and 3.7" screen;)