What should happen when a hair dryer falls into a sink?


The dryer was still working when it fell into the sink! :frowning:


I am only wondering "WHEN" all the hotels you stay at FINALLY put things together and wonder how come the dryers in all the rooms Mr.Tedesco stays in never function after he leaves...lol....

Next time see if you can get a meter hooked up with the leads in the water and see if you show any voltage in the water...lol....hook one lead to the sink spout and the other in the water...lol.......

Nice video........the thing just kept on KICKING..had no idea Timex made hair dryers..

What I don’t get fellas is the fact it was double GFCI’ed…How in the heck…couldn’t one not function… Are they all junk?

What about that dryer motor?? Sealed unit ?? Must be some incredible insulation or something to prevent the GFCI’s from not popping??

So Joe did you dry the sucker off and put it back in the rack? :D:D:D:D

Do you test every place you stay in?:wink: :D:D:D

The hair dryers tested were all still operable, none were damaged, and just had to be dried out.

I have checked about 10 so far and found only 2 that tripped the devices!

I think I will stop because I may be sorry someday! I have one showing the red hot elements where the water just cooled them down and the sucker still kept running and running. :mrgreen: :shock:


I thought you were coming to Charleston? I will be in Williamsburg soon.


I was going to try…But I simply can’t get caught up…I bid on the townhome complex and they came back with…Ok…do one this week and we will see from their senerio…so I am behind on everything…

I just can’t get reliable help anymore for some reason…

Did the test button work on the dryer immersion detector? These things usually don’t have a grounded plug. Ihe immersion device depends on a wire ring inside the barrel of the dryer. That is likely the only thing that would trip if the sink was plumbed in plastic. There probably wouldn’t be a ground fault.

wow…now thats interesting Greg…My electrical brother you are a wealth of information…I thought the system itself was designed to trip the GFCI on the cord regardless of a plastic sink or not…

Now…JOE T…go find a metal sink to THROW a hair dryer in…:slight_smile:

A GFCI won’t trip without a path to ground.
Some of this will depend on the mineral content of the water.
Around here it is about like mercury.

Yes, very interesting, thanks Greg…all you guys…I appreciate the information I learn here…THANX! :smiley:

Yes, not that I doubt it but it would be fun to see. :cool: