What should I say??

I am a one-man inspector and I am going out of town this week for a conference to do some continuing education.

When prospective clients and realtors call to ask about booking an inspection this week, would it be best to say I am booked until next week or that I am attending a training this week? Do they need to know what I am doing or would it be good for them to hear I am investing time into becoming a better home inspector?

What would you say?

I’m sorry. I am not available until next Tuesday at 9 am. If that is not doable for your deadline, I know of another great inspector I can refer you to. I am unsure what his schedule is, but here is his name and number… Joe Schmoe (123) 456-7890

Always be helpful. That Karma thing is always at play!

Btw… you do have a local inspector you have a good working relationship with, right?

This is always the debate when you work alone. We all rely completely on the phone and our referrals. Over the past 27 years I have developed this:

  1. Strong and excellent referral- I will be 100% honest and tell them I am out of town at a conference and I will be back on _____ date. How about we schedule for ___.

  2. Weak referral - Early in my trip - I am out of town at a conference and will be back on _____ date. How about we schedule for___.

  3. Weak referral - Late in my trip - My schedule is currently full but I am available on _____.

  4. Strong referral - Late in my trip - I am completely full until ____. I can try to move a couple of things around and fit you in on _____.

I am always steering the inspection toward when I want and can do it.

The least desirable is having another firm help you out and take your business. You will take theirs when they go away (hopefully).

All of these provides the customer with a solution to use you as well as it creates a mental demand upon your services. This will help sell you and you business.

Yes I do, thank you for your input.

I’m taking an advanced course on _______ Fill in the blank with whatever ancillary inspection service you are going to offer next. That way, at least, the agents who call learn that you are offering another great inspection service.

yes this^

Awwwwwe CRAP. I have to agree with Jeff.

As long as it is the TRUTH. I like simple and sweet. I think I would rather them just think I am super busy than training as well.