What software do you use??

We are getting busier by the week and want to upgrade our software. Looking to be able to do the reports on site i.e. tablet, laptop or other. What software and / or device are you using and how do you like it?

I’m partial to this superb product.…flexible, customizable, and the best support around.:smiley:

Heck with all that.
It just has the best appearance factor for clients though what you said is true.

3D is one of the best one out there for single and multi inspector firms. Works great on the windows 7 phone

Home Inspector Pro.

BestInspectors.net would be my second choice.

http://www.internachigauge.com/ would be third.

There is a InterNachi 3D version


I prefer 3D as well. Nothing like it as far as I am concerned. The ONLY problem is the customer support. I would not try to use 3D customer support but maybe Charles (for a fee) can assist in your needs. He is a 3D guru…

What is a windows7 phone?
Are you telling me their were 6 others?:shock:

I just got the new program and the new phone yesterday. I am gonna see how it works. I HOPE!

http://www.3dinspection.com/California-3D/InterNACHI-Focus/flypage.tpl.html would be a close 4th, maybe even third.

Home Gauge all the Way!

The reason Testimonials
Awesome logo
Forward thinking Ideas :smiley:


Depends upon what you are looking for. If you are looking for software to use on a handheld device that can fit in your pocket and collect the data as you walk around and then produce a Word document automatically with photos included automatically then give us a look. We have been in business 15 years and that would not be possible if we did not exceed in customer support. There are many others to look at and I would recommend making a short 5 point list of what is most important to you in the software. What are you currently using now ?

Home Gauge has this too!

Acer Iconia Android tablet with AHIT’s Home Inspection app loaded on it. Do everything onsite, have my contracts loaded into it, client just signs the tablet. I actually pulled the golf clubs out of the closet as I’m actually planning on NOT having to do back end work now.

Has what too ? The handheld software for HomeGauge and 3D is tied to their backend systems. It is not standalone on the handheld. You cannot print directly from the handhelds with photos included as far as I know on either…unless they have changed that recently. That does not mean they are not good systems. Just wanting to make sure people understand the limitations of their handheld versions.

I use my own reporting software. All onsite printed. Quick. No work at home. Using a 2002 Gateway tablet. Keys are getting worn, however. Cannot read most of the keys.

I have been using Home Inspetor Pro and the program is working well for me.

Nick has named the best ones.

Service is as important as the program.

Dominic has helped me beyond description.

However you want the report to look you can create with the template.

Have a good idea?? Suggest and Dom will add to list and most likely to the program.

I am anal and I need to do report at home, so I can tweak, proof read.

No reason not to be able to do onsite.

If on the fence on software give me an email and I will go in detail on past software and I could write a book on the support I have had with Dom/HIP.