What sort of attachment is this?

Here are some pics of a home I inspected Tuesday.
What type of attachment would you write on the wind mit form.
The last two pictures show a more significant problem.:wink:

So, can we assume you alerted the homeowner to the damaged truss? Was it just ‘nail split’, or more serious? Bad place to happen, either way.

Good thing you are required to access the attic and take pictures. Prolly saved that homeowner a nightmare!

I would have found this without doing a wind mit.
If you look at the last picture, you will see it was more than one truss.
A picture of the roof should clear things up. The area was located at the far end of the picture near the palm tree.

Funny you used the term “nightmare”!

An e mail I received from the Realtor:

Not sure of the attachment buy the definition of the form I would say toenail. It used to be a clip. There is no way that is not better than toenail but we can only go by definitions on the form. What year was it built?

Similar to the post I posted a while back. the front side where it comes out of the tiebeam only has one nail + the distance appears to be to great. I would love to hear what john S or Dennis B have to say about it.

On the form, I marked it as a toenail as it doesn’t meet the requirements for anything else. It isn’t going to matter as the wind mit won’t be needed anyway as the client backed out of the deal.

I see a new form in the future already :frowning:

I will even bet the next one is even worse. So far each one has gotten worse and worse and more complicated with more and more unused or unneeded information required.