What style would you call this?

Italianate?? built in 1877+/-

nearly 4500 sf plus a barn…

working on an estimate now to inspect… was listed at 699k :shock:


Late Hermon Munster…

Actually I would say Second Empire style.

yep… looking at that as well… interesting… BIG… 90 miles away but might be worth the travel to experience the inspection of this daddy!

I agree.


The double sloped, “mansard” roof characterizes the Second Empire house plan

Jeff where is that in Maine?

Good find, keep us posted and take lots of pictures.

Marcel :):smiley:

this one is in North Berwick… big bugger…


hard one to price…

what would you quote on this?? not considering travel…

Nice Jeff, hope you get it.

Looking at the interior trim, plaster walls and rock foundation probably.

Good luck, in your inspection, the interior looks nice.

Marcel :):smiley:

sent PM

$900 + travel and no barn

I would expect 6-8 hours on the field inspection, but that is me. I am technical;)

Marcel :):smiley:

Barry, prices in Maine and Texas are a far cry from being even close to equivelant.

Lucky to get $300 here for a 2000 sf. house. Full Narrative report.

Marcel :):smiley:


I quote upto 1500 sf for 300.00 then move up from there… I lose some to the low ballers as usual… but I maintain my price structure… but it does not go this large… LOL

thanks for input!