What the arc fault requirments in 2008 NEC?

What did they finally pass regarding arc fault?

This is from the Thomas and Betts code change PDF


Exactly what I needed. TY

John, if you need more you can also see: http://www.afcisafety.org/codes.html

Is anyone yet citing that change in your reports as a defect?

I would put it on recommendation…not defect at this point

OK, when does it become a defect?

When the home you are inspecting is built after the area you are doing you inspection in adopts the 2008 code.

When the new construction started this year (three weeks ago)
Then depending on your area as from what I am gathering not all places are adapting 2008 yet.
This is of course a grey area.
Also depends on what you consider a defect.
Personaly I just include the information available and supply it in my report.
I am not the jury (only the messenger).
To me a defect involves personal safety and fianance.
Is lack of AFCI on everyone of these circuits an immediate threat to anyone?
Maybe to you it is.
Me I will supply information on what it is and what it does.Let the client decide.Tell them what the NEC is and how it is adapted.
Remember one thing before anyone chooses to pounce on me.
The question would not even be asked if there was not any doubt.

Due to the many different AHJ around here applying the AFCI at different times to different locations and outlets of the home or portions thereof, I’ve always noted as a
"Safety enhancement upgrade to a functional system"
unless other repairs were required.

Sounds like a perfect way to point out the lack of AFCI

Thanks Greg, Thanks Michael.