What the he** is this PAUL?

Help, I have never come across this type of panel before. I don’t have a great picture of it, but it is a Square D panel, has a push button type breaker with a dead front cover that has only release and lock on the screws. Is it possible to get replacement parts? Because I am obviously too stupid to be able to get the picture to load correctly, my good friend Gerry B is going to post it for me. Thanks, Gerry:)

Check out this site and see if they have what you are looking for

Parts are available.

Ben, have you seen any particular problems with the panel? I tried resizing the picture, but I lost all clarity, so you will have to look at Gerry B’s post for the picture.

Square D Trilliant SDT series circuit breaker panel which is no longer made by Square D. When Square D was taken over by a french company in 1991 they actually stopped making them. Here is a better picture of the breaker that goes in that panel and I do not know of any recall or problem with it…just moved away from the design.

Heres some replacement parts and information for you…