What the He!!

I was talking to the buyers about the exterior when we heard a loud crack!! Buyers agent opened the front door and decided to open the garage door but forgot to check to see if it was locked. LOL…I told him that’s the first thing I check before hitting the opener. He’s a good guy and said that he learned something today. Better him than me.

Good luck getting a wood door repaired. Looks like the cost of a new garage door will be deducted from the sales commission… Agents…:roll:

cmon a decent carpenter can fix that…and it’s the top panel the easiest one to get off…

Improper opener installation, failed in actual use. All operator installation instructions stipulate that the manual lock is to be disabled.

If it was locked down that would happen.

A little Gorilla Glue and white duck tape and door is good to go.

I have found myself sprinting to stop agents from opening the garage doors. I am pretty cat like quick and athletic and have saved my share of damaged doors.

I think gorilla tape would be better choice for that. Regular duck tape won’t cut it:D