What the heck

This an interesting email that i just received. Why I got it I don’t have a clue:shock: :shock: . Is this true? this guy is a nachi ethics chairperson…:roll: … Guess I can only say, if your a member don’t get on the wrong side of your ethics members, well then again I guess this may be normal for a dictator run association, :roll: :roll:

Of course there could be a good side to this, Maybe the local papers will pick this up and nick / nachi can get more free advertizing:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

To all who have any concern: It is public information that Jim Bushart has been charged with stalking by his ex-wife. How is it ethical for a potential stalker to decide cases on the ethics committee when everyone knows he isn’t ethical, stalks certain members of NACHI, and causes problems at every turn. Perhaps this should be discussed in the public forum at the NACHI site. </IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG>

While I personally have little or absolutely no use for Bugfart, I dont agree with airing dirty laundry in a public forum.
I sent an email to Nick, John and Blaine earlier this week stating I would not be renewing my membership. In that email, I stated that any organisation that would have someone like James Bushart in it, was not one that I want to be associated with. In my opinion, he is a disgrace to the profession and to NACHI, not to mention the human race.
I remember reading somewhere that Jim was in the Marines; with a mouth like his, I bet he was the Urinal Colonel.
My rant for the day.


FWIW - I agree.

This is exactly why I have not renewed and why I made such a stink as to the way I was removed.

Fix the ethics group, maybe hold some elections for the positions (except for Joe F. of course) and I will pay my dues, and be happy about doing so.

Oh yea, Frank needs to have his name in the hat when the elections are held.

No elections for an Ethics commitee;? please!

How can you renew if you have been removed???

Dan please do not air dirty laundry.

I renew each and every year because I personally believe in the basic principles of the NACHI Organization.

I disregard the postings of the inconsequential Members of the various Committees that have no bearing on my participation or contribution to the improvement of the NACHI Organization.

Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

Problem is they speak volumes about the state of NACHI.

Everyone knows Nick is NACHI, all the rest are just spinning their wheels thinking they are important. Nick lets it happen because it creates traffic to his site.

Nick is a genius, the rest of them are just a supporting cast to hold up the set.

Some things never change.

Those that think that they can effectuate change have a great deal to learn.

Most learn in the first year or so, then there’s Bushart…:stuck_out_tongue:

I think you renew your membership due to the fact that it is required by PA that you are a member of some ORG.to keep your licence. I am wrong?

I am a tough student… NO?:mrgreen:

I find that interesting as the basic principles of NACHI have changed so much since I first joined. This is not the NACHI that I joined 4 years ago. Do you dissagree?

It’s possible that your perceptions were different when you first joined and as time went by, your vision gradually became more and more clear.

Compared to the rest… NACHI is still the best.

As the old saying goes… don’t let the door hit you
on the way out. As for me… I ignore who I want
and will not let anyone rob me of a good time.

As to rumors that swirl around previous relationships,
divorces, and breakups… it’s all bla, bla, bla…
Those who repeat old rumors without any evidence
are just part of the river of bla, bla, bla,…

See how easy that was. It just flowed right on by.

I like Jim B… and even if I did’nt (but I do) I think
he would still be worthy of a fair trial, not bla, bla, bla…

That’s what my signature line is all about John. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how many actually get the gist of it. But it’s very profound in my opinion.

That is correct.

I joined NACHI in 2001 because Membership in an Association was required to maintain State Certification. I believed it to be the Best Choice with all things considered.

I still believe NACHI to be the Best Choice when considering the alternative affiliations.

Agree in part.

The Basic Principles have not changed.

The attitude and direction of the Organization has changed a great deal over the years.