What the new icon on the Nachi site?

What is this little icon? I click on it and it won’t open.

I think it is a survey about how happy you are with the site.

Well, I guess it doesn’t want my opinion.

They don’t want mine either, since I don’t even have an icon on my screen.

You’ll see that icon on some pages when you’re logged in. You can use it to contact us with questions. Some ad blockers will break it, though, which may be what’s happening for you.

It is a royal pain in the azz! Make it go away Tim Please!!! Click on it and it goes to blank screen that won’t close, have to completely erase history and cookies to get rid of it I’ve heard from other members.

I know in my case, Nick already has mine!!! :twisted:

Welcome to the club! :razz:

Some guys have all the luck… Congratulations

If you have went to NACHI.org it will hang with you until you delete your browser’s history.
I post the same thing a week ago.
Everyone said it was just me.

It recently appeared on my forum pages, too.

I click on it, and it opens a blank chat window and that’s it…

It’s just there to entice you to click more.

It showed uo for me about three days after you posted about it. You must be “patient zero”!