What thermography training have you thought was good?

I’ve been asked to help with inspection industry development in Asia and am looking for a company who might be interested in developing thermography courses abroad. Who have you taken courses from that you thought provided good training?

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Along with the InterNACHI courses.

If I was to do more with IR It would be Infraspection.

I did my Level 1 with FLIR and my Level II and Level III with Infraspection Institute. Infraspection provides infrared certifications courses in the U.S and around the world.

I took level l with Flir In Denver level ll with Flir in Dallas and level lll in NJ with Infraspectation both are top shelf I would not train with or recommend anyone else

I did my Level-I with Flir/ITC and my Level-II & II with Infraspection Institute. All training was in-classroom. Both providers were very good, but I much preferred Infraspection.

Infraspection licenses course materials to other qualified providers (i.e., Level-III Thermographers who wish to offer training). I believe that they have licensees in several countries/continents, perhaps even Asia. They also have distance learning courses.

AHHH why did you take level ll twice :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it really depends on which Asian countries you are aiming at, the sitution in Singapore and HK is similiar in some aspects. And it will be a totally different world for Mainland China.

Anyway, being able to deliver course through Internet is a must, and some students, like me, one the one hand want to have the courses being able to be assessed through Internet, but at the same times want to have the printed materials as well.

Oh, I live in Hong Kong and my job is a pest management professional, just for your information

Kenneth is also one of our IR students. Very nice man.


You are welcome,John!

Level 1 with Infraspection Institute. Gave me a good start to learning IR use.

Level I and II with infraspection. Now I need to take the time and take the exam…


Now InterNACHI members can get special pricing on Infraspection courses… Level I, II, III and more. Plus other advance courses.