What to compare? (Results)

Here is the spreadsheet and a simple graph that compares the various features of several IR cameras like we discussed in another thread. The bold columns are generally considered to be the cameras most targeted to HI’s. Comments are welcome.

IR Camera Compare DRAFT.pdf (235 KB)

IR Camera Compare Graph.pdf (188 KB)


Excellent work on the comparisons between the cameras. Thanks for doing this for us. I know it took quite some time to do. I like the way that I can compress the columns to show only those cameras that I’ve narrowed it down to as far as my interest in them goes.

wow, very nice!!

If there are no significant comments by the end of today I will post the Excel spreadsheet so everyone can better manipulate the data like John mentioned. There are hyperlinks in the Excel spreadsheet to each manufacturer as well that didn’t make it into the pdf files.

Excel version of IR Camera Comparison:

IR Camera Compare.zip (13.1 KB)

Great work Mike!

Very nice!