What to do when finding electrical issues

I’m still going through my courses, and I’m sure that I’ll learn the answer to this later, but I’m going to ask anyways. What do you do when you find something that is not up to the standards set forth in the classes? For example, a service drop that is well within three feet of a window or door, or no GFCI outlets in a garage or near a damp location (kitchen, bathroom), etc. etc. Do you just note it in your report and advise your client or do you go so far as to say that it needs to be fixed? Thanks in advance for your help!


I tell my clients up front that when it comes to safety or electrical, today’s code is my baseline. I will recommend upgrading to today’s standards and it goes in my Summary Report as a significant issue. I also orally tell them (if they are present) that the seller is not required to do so and neither are they.

Ditto what Joe said. My electrical section has one recommendation at the start of it which recommends all comments/issues noted in the report about the service, panels or wiring all be addressed by a qualified electrician. He can decide if he wants to leave a panel “as is” because it was installed that way in 1978.

My opinion is that electrical issues do not become a hazard only when they are written into and enforced by code.

In Illinois under our SOP we are obligated to notify the seller if it is a safety concern which may cause harm which can be left partially to interpretation.

I recommend using good and ethical judgement when doing a report.

Thanks guys!

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