What to do with that old grill...

After 5,000 inspections, it’s these things that keep me going…

No way. That’s… I… How did… Why…Does it…???

Home brew pool heater.

How many had he had when he dreamed that up?

Pretty cool. He knows how to sweat copper too.


My clients loved the idea and are keeping it…

I like it. Good ol American can do.

So…what would be the cost to heat that pool?

Wonder if he got a permit…you know the local AHJ needs their money!

It costs me about $20 to fill tank for the grill - would have to think it would be pretty expensive to heat a pool with a grill.

Picture of the year!

If you put the same arrangement underground, say 5’ below the surface, you could also chill a pool. Now that’s good old ingenuity. I’m thinking if you placed a similar device in a fire place you could heat your domestic supply water as well.
Thinking off the grid. I like it.

Don’t need a permit for a portable grill.


The pool is an open system, there is no closed vessel to pressurize.

It was a joke…:smiley: