What To Do - Your Advice Appreciated

I have a situation that has been developing for the last three years. A fellow inspector and former N.A.C.H.I. member has been telling the real estate agents in the area a number of untrue and sometimes damaging stories about me and my business. You know, the usual, “He is being sued.”, " He is out of the business.", " He does not know what he is doing and does drive-by inspections." , and the ever popular " he is lying. He’s not insured. Never was and because of past litigation, never will be."

Today I found out that he is being even more wreckless and has made some statements that are clearly actionable. There are several witnesses who have come forward and urged me to do something about this guy.

It turns out that he is a member of O.A.H.I. and is in some way connected to the C.A.P.H.I. national programme for eastern Ontario.

So, my fellow inspectors, if faced with a similar situation in your neck of the woods, what would you do?

I ran into that problem with an inspector in my area. I forwarded a letter to him, Via Fax. and stated that if he continued to use slanderous terms in the community, against my business, I would have him charged with defimation of Character.
Those guts are usually pussies, and back down when threatened.


Document the allegations, times, dates, who told you.
If you can get those that are being told this info to sign a affadavit that would be great, or they can write a letter outlining the specifics.

If these comments are being spread, and they are false and you have documentation of the falsities this person is playing with fire and you have very strong grounds for slander and defamation.

If I may suggest you should send a registered letter to OAHI outlining the concerns. But having said that I can tell you that you will not get far because OAHI buries complaints and ignores things that will it does not know how to deal with. It proctects certain members and will ignore the by-laws. It is all documented and the OAHI lawyer is well aware of the issues.

I further suggest you send another email or registered letter to the OAHI lawyer, his name is Ron Segal and his email is rsegal@blumbergs.ca

You can send him an email because I know he has in the past ingored Registered Letters, but know that he does invoice OAHI for reading emails sent to him by concerned members of OAHI.

It may also behoove you to draft a letter which you could send to all your Realtors stating that rumours circulating about you and your business are absolutely false and misleading and being perpetrated by a disgruntled home inspector who has a history of operating in this manner.

You should also CC CAHPI and Mr. Mike Guihan the President of CAHPI along with CAHPI Ethics Chair Mr. Claude Lawrenson, and ask for a reply and what action they may possibly take.

George, It looks like you are in a position to sue and probably win.
You have witnesses that can back up your claim. Without them
it would only be here-say and difficult to prove in court. This guy has been
unjustly hurting your business and your character. Smalls claims court is good for up to $10,000 if that’s enough to cover your damages.

George If it is C.A. then I can back you up in court or in front of OAHI/CAHPI . I can for sure PROVE he has lied before and I have proof with witness.
If needed please lean on me . I also know he has said bad things about you again in front of witnesses and I have a witness

Roy sr

Is there really any point in contacting either OAHI or CAPHI as this person has his head so thoroughly up their dark and unsanitary place that he is probably untouchable through those Chanel’s?

This person is thoroughly disliked by agents and their clients and appears to be committing business suicide. His ego, pontifications, lectures, insults, and 24/7 running mouth have alienated just about everyone he has come into contact with. Why he has singled out me for his ministrations is beyond me!

However the tricks continue. This afternoon I discovered, at one of the brokers in the area, all of my business cards and brochures gone and his in their place. I am told by an agent who does not want to become involved just where they went. This is a small issue by itself, but when this sort of harassment continues day in and day out it becomes an unwanted burden and expense.

So, which boat do I rock?


This is beyond the scope of an ethics inquiry. He has committed criminal offenses against you. It will cost you $40.00 to file a claim against him in small claims court. He legally has to respond or risk judgment in his absence.


OAHI and CAPHI I feel will not do anything. Look at the previous posts.
That will leave you the other option. It is truly sad when it has come to this.

Thanks Robert. The really unfortunate thing is that this guy has been identified as one of the principal players in the CAPHI / OAHI debacle and it is planned that he will be one of those we must deal with if the programme ever gets implemented ( god help us!)

If he is typical of those with whom Claude and his fellow travellers are aligned then we are all in trouble.

Better to leave a documented paper trail then not leave a paper trail. OAHI/CAHPI will have a hard time denying anything if there is a paper trail particularly those they did not answer but decided to ignore. Do not worry about reply, that is least important,. They are negligent if no response is issued under the circumstances. Send the letters Registered mail and keep receipts. Also do not hesitate to send a email to Mr. Segal OAHI association lawyer.

You could also place a small add in the local paper stating that more or less… Recently rumour has been circulating that my business of Home Inspections is closed… blah, blah, blah. This notice is to inform the reader that my business Dominion Inspections is open for business and libelous comments being circulated by (Name of person) are false and defamatory, completely erroneous, et cetera, et cetera. Let the guilty party defend himself from that. He won’t have a leg to stand on. Turn the tables on him and let him defend himself, all it costs is the ad in the paper.

Do not let this person walk all over you. I know of another inspector in your area who was subjected to the same type of behaviour from this individual when I was on the DPPC in OAHI. This person you are dealing with is a bully, and likes to intimidate. This is the type that figures they can get away with anything because no one takes him to task. This is another bad reflection on OAHI/CAHPI. This is the same person who made a statement to the effect that there were 500 incompetent inspectors in Ontario competing with OAHI members for inspections!

I have the impression that this attitude is prevalent throughout the CAHPI organization as I have heard comments from their members and feed back from some of the realtors.
I would talk to a lawyer and have him write a letter to this individual, OAHI and CAPHI to notify them that legal action is being considered or taken against all of them. The individual for what he has done OAHI and CAPHI for not insuring their members follow the code of ethics and disciplining this guy.
Mind you CAHPI’s code of ethics leaves a lot to be desired.
Most professional organizations have a clause in their code of ethics that forbid a member slandering or demeaning another member and to notify the organization and bring a complaint to it. The organization must deal with it.
ASET code calls for members to “Conduct themselves with fairness, honesty, courtesy and good faith towards clients, colleagues and others, give credit where it is due and accept, as well as give, honest and fair professional comment;”
To see the condensed version of the ASET Code go to my web site and click on Code of Ethics and scroll down to the ASET code, To see the full code with detailed interpretations of each clause go to http://aset.ca

Unfortunately the COE is only as good as the members ability to interpret the rules. As we know not all members know how to or demonstrate they have the abilities to do so. Pity!

Take it to the press. Take out an add in the Whig. Talk to a reporter, just make sure you have the paper trail. Beat him at his own game by positive marketing and going about your business in the professional manner that is your trademark.
Try any of the above . It sounds like he is running scared and is fearful for his business. I am sure that if you conduct yourself in the professional manner that you usually do he will fold his tent and slither away into the night. If all of this fails, after a good bit of time , **SHOOT THE S.O.B. LOL

Jeez! I heard a similar story from another agent today. Unfortunately it was third party information, but I figure that if I am hearing these little gems from parties that are not directly involved then the slanders are getting around.

I am not sure that I have enough on this pompous *** to proceed with any complaints until I see the information that Roy is going to send to me. Then it may be a different story.

I keep telling myself that he isn’t worth geting upset over, but . . . . . . :twisted:

When its starts being heard from third parties, you have to wonder how quick the word got out and how far it has spread.

I think it shows you have people who respect you and know you and your good work. That is admirable that they have approached you and told you what is what. Just as you hear the concerns from your admirers you can be sure your admires are also getting the truth out. He will reap what he has sewn because your admires know the truth they have seen it for themselves. Good on you! Truth prevails!

I personally have been called to reinspect a property that you inspected and I know of two other reputable inspectors from our area that have also reinspected properties you inspected. All properties had issues.
“He who lives in glass house should not throw stones”

I think you just did.

I don’t think we are talking about the quality of home inspections, which could be considered subjective, George is talking about someone who will go the extra mile to defame, embellish, lie, et ceteras, to intimidate those he feels he needs to victimize.

I have first hand knowledge of the person George is referring to from my days on the DPPC in OAHI. He has done it with other inspectors in his area, he stated in his election platform for Board of Directors in Oahi that I was corrupt! No proof, no nothing, just had to say something to discredit somebody he didn’t like. He is not the only member to play the game in OAHI.

Wayne you should choose new friends to hang out with. :wink:

Hey Wayne. Ever hear of the “last man out” syndrome? I too have inspected other inspector’s work and found different “issues”. With that in mind, might I remind you of your own remark about glass houses?

You really shouldn’t fight another man’s fight. Especially when you don’t know what you are talking about.

To all who have offered your advice; Thanks for your words of wisdom. I wasn’t going to do anything about this, thinking that the person in question just wasn’t worth the effort. Wayne just changed my mind.

Thanks Wayne. I owe you.

Wayne, first of all, I think what you did by trying to belittle George on the public site, reveals who you really are as a person. If you have issues, theres such a thing as sending a private e-mail.
Also, I agree, you too are a man that lives in a glass house.