what to do????

Had a client call Friday wants me to do an inspection on a commercial building. During the conversation he states that when I do the inspection that he doesn’t want me to tell the current tenant, why I am there, but he wants me to tell them that I am an insurance inspector. The Landlord of the building is going to be there also and he agress with the new tenant and their lawyer.
I think something is up. What should I do? the client is willing to pay me $200 per hour including time to do the report and travel. I figure this will be around a $2,000+ job I am torn on what I should do. Do it or not

I personally would be straight forward with my client and tell them that I am not comfortable lying to anyone about who I am or what I do. If they have a problem with that then they can choose someone else to lie for them. I run my business honestly and I get a lot of referrals because of it. I would not jeoperdise my integrity to please anyone at all.

I never lie .
But I see no reason why you need to say much.
If some one askes tell the truth say I am an Inspector .
Nothing else .
If they ask you why you can say that I work for my client.
If they ask more sorry I am paid to do a job and to write a report.
Just evade and never lie.
Give you an example My wife says How do you like my Purple Hat
( And I hate it ) Say Hmmm well I think I like the Pink one better.
I managed to stay out of trouble for 52 years.
Lie once and you just get deeper.


With commercial inspections this scenario is common place. Do not take it the wrong way, just do your job and follow your clients request.

I guess it is like when my wife says “does these jeans make my butt look big?” Just look at her and say I Like the G-string better.:twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I kind of Figured that, just wasn’t sure.

Many clients and owners have asked me to say I’m doing a maintenance inspection of the building, but in Arizona anyway, the owners have the right to have their buildings inspected for any reason after they give the tenant 48 hrs. written notice.

If anyone asks me why I’m inspecting the building, which the owner has already told the tenant I’m coming there for an inspection, I simply say I am documenting things which need to be repaired.

You would be surprised how the subject changes to why you’re there to a list a mile long of things which need repair…:smiley:

Actually makes my job easier!!!

seems like a no brainer Robert…do Your job and no spare time for chit chat with the Tennant’s…You really have no need to explain Your presence, you are simply working for the owner…IMHO…jim

I have an architect coming with me on the inspection, because the new tentant is going to convert it to a jewlery shop from a t-shirt shop. so he will be looking for structural reinfrocement and placement of safes. hope he won’t mind the disclosure in the agreement.

Don’t lie, but there is no reason to tell “the whole truth”. “I am doing an inspection on the building” is all you have to say. Let the current owner do the talking.

So true Dale!!!


I just read the line about the cost of the inspection, are you kidding me brother? Do the Job!!!

Dale’s advice is well written and to the point!

Like Dale, I tell the tenant that I am there to document any and all items that might be in need of repair and or replacement.

I also tell them that I cannot enter into any type of discussion without my client’s specific written approval and that ends the “conversation”.

7. [FONT=Verdana]The InterNACHI member shall not communicate any information about an inspection to anyone except the client without the prior written consent of the client, except where it may affect the safety of others or violates a law or statute.[/FONT]

This is a common request, for many reasons. I see nothing wrong in honoring it.

I’m not a great liar and I feel guilty as hell when I do lie.

If it were me in this situation (which I have been several times), I’d tell the caller that I’d rather he did all the talking to the tenant and I will simply keep my mouth shut and do the inspection.

Pretty simple if you asked me.

When you start lying there is is just to much to remember from that point on.:smiley:

Yep. Growing up I was never a great liar anyways. It was too hard for me to keep a straight face as a kid. That’s probably why I feel guilty when I do actually get away with lying. Everyone lies, but some people are so good at it, they convince themselves.