What to look for in Hydronic Radiant Heating

#1 question - how long do these loops last?
#2 - can they be repaired? I would think not?

I have a heat gun and experience. I have read many posts from you guys but I am not 100% sure of the best way to use the heat gun to test the system other than to look for cool spots.

I have not heard it here before, but I know that the pressure of goethermal loops will decrease over time if there is a leak. Has anyone used this for etsting of radiant loops?

If you where selling your house would you want me digging in your yard to inspect the loops?

Make sure the thermostat is functioning,check zone valves to see if all are on,inspect appliance.
Life span of the loops may depend on material used and other factors.

You can not physically see the actual material and neither can IR as it is taking temp and not actual shots/pics.

Radiant heating looks like the most fun use for IR however as the pictures are great to look at.


If you were digging in my yard to find out about my hydronic radiant system’s loops I would be asking about your qualification as a CHI;).


I use a FLIR T400 and a Goldak 777. Find them every time.