What tools do y'all use to collaborate or troubleshoot remotely?

Hi everyone - I’m trying to understand how different people seek out help during inspections if you encounter things you aren’t sure about or don’t know how to troubleshoot. Are there specific tools or websites you use to troubleshoot on the spot? Or do most people just document the concern?

I see a few “what is this a picture of posts” in this forum thread, so it sounds like a few folks use this community for this purpose :slight_smile:

All of the above.

I recommend documenting the unknown item very well with pictures and notes and doing your research after the inspection if you are just starting out. If you spend 20 minutes on your phone trying to figure something out, you may then feel rushed the rest of the inspection, which could cause you to miss things.

If your client asks about something you are unfamiliar with, just be honest and say you need to do some research on the item back at the office and if you find anything they should be concerned about, you will be sure to put it in the report.


Another reason I don’t do on site reporting. My clients know ahead they will get it within 24 hours from the completion of the inspection. Plenty of time for me to do research on the net and pick the expert brains on the forums here.

I try to give them the best knowledge from the best. JMO.


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And take many pictures of what you’re not sure about. Close ups, and from further back and then further back and from all different angles. If there’s any stickers or data plates make sure you get them too.
That’s the first key to get help from others.


What Eli said!!! :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:


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