What tools do you use?

Can you describe what’s in your suitcase, bucket, tote bag and in your vehicles? How high-tech or low-tech are you? How prepared are you?

Please don’t send a wish list, but describe what you’ve used over the last year or so.

Delmhorst 2100 moisture meter
Suretest Elec Analyzer
Eagle combustion analyzer
Bacharach gas sniffer
Retrotec blower door
Rigid boroscope
Canon Powershot w/10x zoom and
usual assortment of screwdrivers, voltage detectors, binoculars, tape measurers, squares, levels, probes, tyvek suits, first aid kit, coveralls, extra pair of shoes, blanket/quilt, rain coat, and flashlights.

Supra Lockbox Keypad

Moisture Meter (rarely used)
Ultrastinger (and other assorted flashlights)
Dewalt cordless wet/dry vac
Inspection Mirror
Cordless Screwdriver
Garbage Bag
Assorted Hand tools
Bocce Ball (to check level)
Tape measure
3 bulb tester
Tic Tracer
Microwave tester
Buisness cards
Supra Key

Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture meter, every inspection
Suretest Analyzer
Ideal 61-360 Multi-meter
3 bulb tester
Ultra Stinger, Streamlight LED flashlights
Co-220 Fluke CO detector
Circuit tracer (very, very rarely for my own satisfaction)
Greenlee voltage detector
Toro water pressure / flow meter, every inspection
Full face shield / respirator
knee pads
tyvec suits and dust covers
Dewalt battery shop vac
26’ Little Giant, used rarely
14.5’ Telesteps, wide-step version, every inspection
12’ telescoping rod with probe
bar towels, one always on my back belt loop
flat mirror and telescoping mirror
golf ball, for level
torpedo level
microwave tester
Nitrile gloves
Tiff 8800 gas sniffer
tape measure, carry 2, 1 for me, 1 for client to use to keep out of my way
Multiple screwdrivers, socket drivers
Olympus DS-2 digital recorder
Asus tablet computer
Home Inspector Pro software
Eneloop rechargeable batteries
Olympus D-580 digital camera
coloring book pages and crayons…for client’s kids
NACHI Manual for a Happy Home for each client
2 folding chairs
razor knife
shoe covers
bungee cords
toilet paper
empty 3 lb. coffee can with lid
extra dead panel screws, little suckers bounce anywhere
spray bottle with soap / water
extra shirt and pants
Driver and 7 Iron. There is always a driving range on the way there or back.

Delmhorst BD2100 (probes: std, deep wall, hammer, extended w/ painter’s extension pole)
Amprobe Quick-ie
Delta-Trak temp probes (2)
Delta-Trak IR thermometer
Flashlights (Streamlight Stinger HP LED, Ultra Stinger, Strion; Everready LED headlamp)
Inspection mirrors (Ulmer)
Power screwdriver, 6in1 driver, long screwdriver for probe, crescent wrench, adjustable pliers
Water pressure gauge (glycerin filled)
microwave tester
Panasonic TZ-3 digital camera (2) + Droid backup
Fireplace key & lighter
bathroom door key
disposer wrench
Box cutter
Flir EX320
Flir Report writer Pro 8.3
Laptop & Jotto-Desk with power supply (tether the Droid)
Digital water level, 4ft bubble level, digital short level, roof pitch gauge
Three light outlet tester
Neon electrical tester for 240v, line/load checking, etc.
hallway drop cloth
Hand towels and hand sanitizer
first aid kit
Rigid wet/dry vac
32ft T-1A extension ladder (carry only when needed)
22ft Little Giant (stays home)
12.5 foot Telesteps (used every day)
2-3 ft step ladder
washing machine hose
golf balls (for sounding tile floors)
assorted home made shower drain test fittings
shoe covers
crawl suit, tyvek suits, boots, respirator, gloves
Tape measures and rolling measure
sidewalk chalk
marking paint (construction phase and commercial roof inspections)
TIFF 8800 combustible gas detector
Cooler with water, folding chairs, toilet paper, etc. for client comfort in empty houses
Blue painter’s tape for clients that want to point out cosmetic items in new construction
Rain jacket and golf umbrella
Supra Key

I also have a big library of digital and printed reference materials (yes I have and use code books too)

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but that’s what comes to mind right now

I fill the back of a Suburban with all of my crap

Great thread Kenton. See some things that need to be added to the stash.

Forgot the bee killer…:shock:

I can not count the number of times that a new member has asked

What kind of tools do you use or recommend?
Where can I find a good list of tools for home inspections?


All you need is a screwdriver and a flashlight.
Use whatever tools you think you need to do a good job.

Here is Kenton who asks a slightly different question
What tools do you have?
And behold we see list of tools, and some comments on why the tool is used.
I like how two of you use golf balls but stated for different reasons.
1 for floor level the other for checking tiles.

My tools:
outlet tester
voltage ticker
lazer thermometer
pressure guage
tape measures
moisture meter
powershot camera
4 foot level, 1 foot level
12 foot ladder
combustable gas detector
code reference book
notebook and pen
lots of batteries
extra shoes
folding chairs

No kidding. Ive been through 2 cans already in the last month. I buy it by the case when it goes on sale.

An organization in Poland wants help in developing an inspection industry there. What tools we use is one of their questions.

Great response guys, thanks!

Great thread guys.

Flir Camera
Moisture meter
stucco moisture meter
Video scope
Amp probe
gas sniffer
refrigerant leak detector
CO2 Monitor
Micro wave tester
Ultra sonic tester
emf meter ( hardly used but comes in handy)
Moisture probes
Folding walking stick ( used to probe hard to reach places)
Camera pole
flip camera
Video camera
6 foot level
battery screw driver
Hand tools
electronic water level ( hardly use it but got it just in case)
stethoscope ( guess what that is for )
disposable coveralls
Washable boot covers
Bump cap
2 rechargeable lights
audio recorder
bolt cutters
Telescopic ladder ( hate using it but comes in handy)
Toilet paper
disposable gloves
Tape measure
Probably have more ,but i use most of what is listed all the time.
Keep in mind i am a tool addict .

a. Colonoscopy
b. Wood Destroying Insects
c. Eavesdropping on the neighbor’s conversation

A lot of good stuff in the archives. :lol: