What type of construction is this?

I inspected this 1957 house this week and the sidewalls were framed with vertical 2x8’s staggered and nailed together. In the photo you can see where they covered the band joist with lap siding then it is capped with a sill plate and the 2x8’s are set on top of the sill. The 2x8’s extend clear to the roof line on the gable end which you can only see in the attic. They covered the gable on the outside with lap siding. I have also attached a picture of the inside of the unfinished garage and you can see it is a single wall construction. Has anyone seen this type of construction before and know what the proper name for it is? Board and Batten didn’t seem to fit. The interior is dry walled like a conventional home.
The attic construction was site built trusses placed 8’ apart with 2x4’s 16"oc spanning the trusses at the ceiling.

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