What type of garage ceiling is this?

(Terrill Ewald, CPI, MD# 31310) #1

Home built in 1965. There is rebar inside the cemented areas, but they look like some type of concrete blocks. Just curious, first time seeing this.

(Dennis DiVito, VA License # 3380 000170) #2

What was above this ceiling? It does look like block, but I can not tell

(Terrill Ewald, CPI, MD# 31310) #3

It was a builtup/tarred roof under the rooftop porch

(Marcel Gratton, CMI) #4

I’ve seen that type of flooring used at the Boldt castle in NY 1000 Islands during a tour. The castle was built in 1900. Its a concrete block flooring system.

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #5

Its a formed and poured slab/ ceiling. You install supports, install decking, tie rebar in a certain pattern, place concrete, finish the surface, remove the forms and supports, install roofing, go home.