What type of roof covering?

Doing a Pre- 4 point for a friend an this is his roof. It is over dimensional planking / lumber and I could see at least one nail for the roof deck but what is the covering. It was kind of crumbly in one place on an edge where I could see like stucco. He had thought it was a concrete deck but I do not. It sounded almost hollow"ish" Kind of stucco like not concrete like and had a SOMAY roof type paint covering it. it was very solid with no signs of leaks but I just want to know what it is.




Thanks in advice for any answers.

I’ve searched online for over an hour I couldn’t find nothing. Hard to tell without that much Information. :frowning:

I have seen the style before but do not know what it is. Thanks for trying :slight_smile:

My guess is foam with a cementitious or acryilic finish. Cascading waterfall effect?..never seen it before.

I am guessing that as well but did not sound THAT hollow?

Mike, you need a manicure. Resize your photos next time…:mrgreen:

Camera was on wrong setting I did not realize until I posted here.

Looks upside down. Some warm weather application. We can’t achieve stuff like that in Vermont. Too darn cold.

I can’t believe after this was put it he perfect position from some know it all without a friggen clue I still have no answer …Imagine that. Whoever you were with no balls to fess up about being the one who moved my post next time I post in misc leave it the hell alone.

Do not wory though Uncle Nick covered you and did not give you up.


Mike P,


Mike, since your post was correctly put in the roofing section, I’ll give you the answer…They are called Bermuda Roofs. Yours may be concrete tile filled in or foam panels with a coating, but the style is for wind protection and collecting rain water for cisterns.


Nice Brad…it was new to me and I wasted a good 20 mins before I got distracted with NCAA football yesterday

Bermuda Roofing systems were originally designed with limestone, in recent years they have changed to AAC…that’s why it “kinda sounds hollow”. Currently, I know of no roofing system installed in this fashion that has an approved NOA/PA, therefore it is non-compliant and would require replacement if re-coating was needed. BUSL anyway…

Bermuda roof is correct. It will be too old to obtain insurance. REPLACE is you option. Or let that other guy give it the five years