What type of roof would you call this

Sort of like a shed roof but not quite. Two story with 10/12 on one side, 6/12 on other side overlooking the lake. What would you call it?

Looks like a “Saltbox”


I was leaning that way except the one side was so steep, I wasn’t sure. Any others?


I don’t think an entire roof style changes due to slope except when a gable turns into an A-frame and this is an architectural structure style change not an altered roof system.


Or make your own name up. “Lakeview” roof :mrgreen:

If you google “saltbox” you get a roof type that look like shawn’s post and the roof you describe. I’m 30 years a carpenter and I had to look it up. I’d probably write it up as a …Gable roof with unequal pitches".
A picture is worth a thousand words (there’s a reason for cliches).

I think Kenton is on the right track here. I would call it a modified gable roof.