What Type Of Siding Is This?

I inspected a house today and I don’t know if there is a name for this type of siding or not. Basically it’s full size sheets of plywood (with a texture paint on it) and 1X4 to cover the joints and the top & bottom. I’ve seen this type before but am clueless (no comment please…:slight_smile: as to what it’s called.
Thanks and take care.

Clueless in LA (lower Alabama)

Dale Moore
Ace Property Inspection

got any pics?


Your description is ambiguous…Post a pic please.

Sounds like Hardie plank fiber cement siding, they have a sheet product that’s supposed to look like board and batten.

Sorry but no pictures. Camera quit part way through the inspection but gave no indication it wasn’t working. Plenty of room on the chip, fresh batteries, screen showed what picture was taken but either it didn’t record it or I was unable to retrieve it.
Sorry that I can’t describe it better.
Thanks and take care.


walk into home depot and you will see the same 4x8 sheet

hardie siding

very good product

Always carry a spare, camara, flashlight, batteries, shirt, and tire.:smiley:

There is also another product that is basically OSB but finished on one side to look like T-111

Does it look sorta like this?




or it could be painted MDO (medium density overlay), a plywood product

I think preparation for the inspection and this post is lacking. Scary!

You have the Internet, or you would not be here. Go to Google and search!

And TP for those vacant properties just in case… :mrgreen:

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My inspection vehicle is a camper van. No need to carry tp for vacant houses. Just pop into the van and use the toilet.