What type of wire splice is this?

Ran across this yesterday and have never seen before. This is a splice found in the attic for the wires supplying a light fixture. What type of splice is this?

That is heat tape.

TPR line is a no-no, also curious about the white paint in that attic. Did the house burn previously?

Bunch of fun stuff in those two pics. Foil tape on a flue alone always triggers the Harry homeowner or Bubba alert.

Thanks for the info. Yes, TPRV drain line had a flex connector and was routed uphill. Just a few deficiencies amongst several others. The silver paint is a radiant barrier. Not uncommon in my neck of the woods with older homes.

Yep. This house was a headache.

Justin - It may be one of these…Underwater Splice Kit
I am no expert in them or their use, but have seen something similar for sprinkler wire and where splicing was exposed to moisture.

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