What was I waiting for !

Probably had the slowest Computer in the South. :neutral: Not no more:mrgreen:. What in the world was I waiting for ! Maybe now I can get some sleep.;-)Well I believe an IRISH JIG is in order.

Happy Inspecting !

very nice!

Thanks, but look look why I was allowed my new toy. Hopefully I will be in the good for at least a couple of months.

They almost look like triple loaders.

OK now I have had it.
Where is the picture of a new computer ?

All I see is a modem,router and printer in the image that pops up.

Just spent today playing with floor sample “all in ones” which are not quite there yet using old laptop i3 and i5 laptop processors.

Added a few more pennys, so she could add them notorious bed Quilts that can play havoc on a normal washer !

Oh never mind I missed the tower shots.
What are those 1 T storage @ ?

Those would work well with my latest 3 hole punch updates.

Anyone else have problems drying blankets in those damn front loaders? Constantly rolls up into itself making a big hotdog. Hours of irritation trying to get them dry.


Damn, James…biggest servers or tower puters I’ve ever seen…!!

277/480 three phase?


Kinda like when I bought my (ex) wife a 12ga shotgun for her birthday, and she doesn’t hunt. So she gave it back to me.

This will be my new tower, need a couple more inspections, then will have to wait for the right moment to slide it thru me window ! Its a Asus 16GB 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4770 processor. My old computer has run out of slots.

Must be doing a lot of gaming or video production to spend money on that. If it is just for office and internet, it is overkill by far.

That may explain why she is now your (ex) wife;-)!

Have started looking into animation work, for them retirement days, which are not far off.

Then you definitely need it. I just love those that pay big dollars for a machine that is 1000 times what they would ever need. Gotta have a quad core processor and a Terrabyte harddrive… so I can send emails to mom and buy stuff off ebay. :wink:

Wish mine would be so kind, got me a SW686 357mag and gave her a SW625-3 45ACP (she still holds it tight):frowning:

I need at least a 1T hard-drive because my pictures and videos eat up space like crazy.
Hate fuzzy low res shots especially since I sometimes crop photos to play with images on photo editing software for kicks.
You can spend $30,000 for 4 tires and an engine but G-D forbid you spend an extra $500 on a great computer upgrade that you spend more time on than in the metal coffin ?
The wheels are to impress who at our age ?:wink:

Once your old the chicks are more impressed by $$$ than your looks no matter what you think you look like …lol

When I was playing with floor samples today a computer expert customer told me to check out the ASUS Laptop on sale for $1200 with 8 GB ram and i7 processor.

Not bad but still a laptop.
For now towers are still cool.
I mean when coach surfing the tablet is handier than the laptop and out and about you have the phone so when sitting down doing real work do you want to look at a 17 inch laptop or have a real desktop ? seriously.

The all in one idea is nice with touch screens to float about room to room but for the price point needs more power and I guess the new Haswell processors should take care of that soon plus double battery life so trying to wait before I replace my 2009 Vista driven quad core with 6 GB ram.(HP)

Have had my Toshiba laptop for a few years , seem to only use it for trips.