What We Check poster.

I like it.

Perhaps you could add an editable block for us to put our company name and contact info.?

Would be nice to see one for us slab on grade folks way down south also.

Pete -

Where is youse at to use a slab instead of basement?

frankly I think “we” or at least “I” check a heck of a lot more than that.

He’s in Florida, look at the top right corner of the post for the poster’s location.

I was about to state that it seemed rather empty till I downloaded the high resolution version and realized we can add what ever we wish.

Actually rather than add I would like to suggest subtraction so that we can customize it even further.:slight_smile:

Great start for a illustration on my sites so thanks to the NACHI Graphic Artist who did this.
May I ask which person did it ?

What program are you loading it in to add on to the poster, Bob?

Levi. He can give you an editable file if you want to customize it for your inspection company.

yes I would like one

Email levi@internachi.org and tell him what you want. He can even modify it for you to your liking.

I use a number of graphic software programs that are free.
Serif Draw plus 4
Photo Crop Editor
Come to mind.

Out of curiousity, which one do you like best for ease of use but gives you the best end product…

I use them all depending on the final look and need.
Tell me what you are trying to do and I can answer better.

Gimp does it all but is toughest to master.
Photoscape and Photofiltre (misspelled above) are the easiest.

Text is best at Draw plus 4

Florida, Dan.