What Website Forum Do You Use

Godaddy has free hosting available if you can deal with their banner at the top of the page. I have a free account for The Greater Philadelphia Chapter. You have complete control over it and there are no limitations.


Let me know if you want to switch that chapter over to our hosting, it’s free for all chapters (we might have already talked about this, I’m talking to so many people I’m forgetting who I talked to!)


Let me know what you are willing to include in the hosting package. I was planning on running a couple of things that require MySQL databases and the ability to set up subdomains.

Well it’s basically working off of the templates that we have which would mean forums, unlimited site pages, photos albums, slideshows, link directories, live news feeds, survey or any other forms you can create and quite a few other features. I could do subdomains for inspectors but that would clash with me trying to sell them sites! What else were you thinking?

My goal is to host either a phpBB or Vbulletin board integrated with Coppermine for members to have access to inspection related diagrams they can download into zip files they can use in their inspection reports. I also want to be able to asign sub domains to members that do not have their own websites yet or to provide a second site that can provide SEO links to their main site. On the front end, I want the ablility to make a detailed calander of upcoming events and provide multiple ways of providing payment options for upcoming classes and seminars. I also want members to be able to have their own professional looking email address that they can can either send and recieve messages from. I hate seeing this whoever@aol.com or comcast.net stuff.

That’s a basic idea of what I want to accomplish in the next couple of months. If you are willing to accomidate the things that I want to host, I will be more than happy to switch over to your hosting. I don’t know if you are offering the MySQL databases, email addresses, and sub-domains that Godaddy is, but I will definately consider switching over if you can provide what I have have outlined in my goals for the chapter website.

Let me know and we can talk.

Thanks in advance!

Heh, coppermine intergrated with a forum, check out my other site (hobby site I started 10 years ago) http://www.goosemoose.com

I wasn’t planning on hosting large programs like coppermine, really because it’s a high security risk. I’m always having to keep up to date on my coppermine install as someone’s always found a hack for it. The forum I have for chapters is built into the software I have. vB is expensive, I don’t like phpBB and I’m one of the members on the team of SMF www.simplemachines.org a free alternative that’s better than the other 2. I don’t think you’ll really need a full forum like that though.

Email addresses are easy, that’s why I give free @HomeInspectorPro email addresses to all InterNACHI members (at 6 gigs each).

I don’t want to do the subdomain thing though as that’s going against trying to sell inspectors sites. As it is each server is costing me $350 a month and I can only host about 50-75 sites on it.

You’re probably best off going with the godaddy because of that, but I’ll give you any assistance you need setting it up. I’d go with a Joomla install so you can basically plug in everything else you need.

Don’t forget…iNACHI members have the option of getting a FREE website here.

Also, Nick has made up great web site building ideas here.

No, I can’t, not for a business. As a client I would not view another page if I saw a big banner ad at the top saying hosted by…anyone.
When I first published a page, I saw that and nearly canceled 'till they told me about the “free” hosting deal. I switched right then to a $3.99/mo. no brainier for me.

I may use my “free” hosting credit for a family/personal site some day, but never, ever for a business site.


I can make my site look unprofessional enough on my own, I don’t need their help! :wink:

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Ok guys, thanks for the great response, Dominic expect to hear from me, and thanks for the quick responses via email…

Thanks again guys…


Hi Adam,

Sounds good. I just finished another awesome theme today for the website which I think everyone’s gonna love :smiley:


Just click the link http://smallbusiness.officelive.com/. There will be a green button that says “Sign Up Free”…try clicking that one and see what happens.:smiley: